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We have many resources that can help you understand and reap the benefits of the MSC programme - all available for download.
Folder Email selected MSC documents to your inbox
You can send key MSC documents straight to your inbox.
Folder Introducing MSC
Download electronic versions of brochures about the MSC, including our annual reports from recent years.
Folder text/texmacs MSC scheme documents
View MSC scheme documents: This includes MSC standards, methodologies, TAB Directives and Policy Advisories.
Folder D source code Guides to MSC assessment and certification - for fisheries, Chain of Custody and stakeholders
Information and guidance on assessment and certification for fisheries and supply chain businesses, and for stakeholders wanting to find out more or contribute to an assessment.
Folder Reviewing MSC standards and documents for consultation
The MSC standard-setting procedure; Form for submitting comments about the MSC standards; Documents under consultation.
Folder text/texmacs Chain of custody documents
Documents pertaining to supply chain and traceability.
Folder Using the MSC ecolabel
Rules and guidance for using the MSC ecolabel.
Folder D source code Developing World Program
To promote the accessibility of the MSC program for small-scale, developing world and pre-MSC fisheries, we have developed a range of accessibility tools and information brochures to facilitate their engagement.
Folder text/texmacs MSC factsheets
Download this series of factsheets with answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the MSC program.
Folder text/texmacs Fisheries factsheets
Find out more about MSC certified fisheries.
Folder MSC institutional documents
Institutional documents relating to MSC finance, strategy, and governance including meeting minutes.
Folder text/texmacs Measuring environmental impacts
Documents relating to the project to assess the environmental impact of the MSC program.
Folder text/texmacs Quality and Consistency in Assessments
Documents relating to the MSC project to ensure quality and consistency in fisheries assessments.
Folder Jobs
Job description PDFs folder
Folder text/texmacs Scholarship documents
Documents relating to scholarship
Link checklistfeedback
Short link redirect/vanity URL for: CoC Audit Checklist feedback form (Google doc)
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