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The MSC Fisheries Standard Toolbox contains procedures to support the assessment of a fishery against the MSC Fisheries Standard.

Who should use the Toolbox

The Toolbox should be used by Conformity Assessment Bodies to score, or inform the score, of Performance Indicators during assessment against the MSC Fisheries Standard. 

This includes:

  • Initial assessments
  • Surveillance audits
  • Scope extensions
  • Expedited audits
  • Reassessments

How to use the Toolbox

The Toolbox contains both mandatory and optional MSC-endorsed tools:

MSC Fisheries Standard Toolbox v1.1
Date effective: 01 May 2023
Download download file PDF - 3 MB

Reviewing the Toolbox

The Evidence Requirements Framework and Risk-Based Framework will be under review from July 2024.

The review will determine whether the these tools are effective and working as intended.

The Benthic Impacts Tool and the Early Application of Section SE are not  part of the review.

Fisheries Standard Toolbox Review

The review will begin in July 2024 to ensure that key procedures developed to support fisheries assessments are effective.
Fisheries Standard Toolbox Review