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As more fisheries enter assessment to the MSC Fisheries Standard and our ITM program grows, there is increased demand for independent assessors.  

We aim to boost awareness of career opportunities in the assessor space by introducing the Fisheries Conformity Assessors Program (FCAP).

The first step in this program is the Fisheries Conformity Assessor Fundamentals course, which aims to:

  • Engage with early career post graduate scientists, consultants and researchers, as well as those who are currently or have recently finished studying PhDs or Masters in areas such as fisheries, marine conservation biology, natural resources environmental management (or other relevant fields such as statistics, mathematics, economics, etc.)
  • Assist the expansion of the current pool of assessors by creating career opportunity pathways.
  • Provide the fundamentals in assessor training to those with the educational background but without the necessary experience.
  • Promote the program to the wider scientific community to increase engagement and raise more awareness of the MSC.
  • Increase participants visibility and employability by providing CPD accredited assessor training.

Workshops and Training

We are launching the fundamentals course at the World Fisheries Congress in Seattle on March 3, 2024. 

Later in 2024 we will be increasing our engagement with the wider scientific community by holding more FCAP workshops across the globe. For further information, please download the flyer below.

Fisheries Conformity Assessor Program flyer
Download download file PDF - 1 MB

You can help!

If you know of any group, institution, conference, or other interested party that may be interested in the FCAP (or you require further information), please write to us at: [email protected]

Or register your interest below: