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People increasingly care about where their seafood comes from. The blue MSC fish tick makes it easy for your customers to select sustainable, wild seafood that they can trust.



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To request a licence to use the MSC label, please complete the form below and we will email you the appropriate licence agreement within 3 working days.

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Or, I don't have a Chain of Custody number because...
In order to sell MSC labelled products or menu items, you must have MSC Chain of Custody in place. Please get in touch with your local MSC representative to discuss. 
Type of use

Please note that if you are a commercial organisation planning to use the MSC label on your own products or menu items, then you must have MSC Chain of Custody in place as a pre-requisite. If you buy pre-packed certified products that will be sold to the end consumer without being opened, re-packed or re-labelled (these are known as consumer-ready tamper-proof products) then you do not need MSC Chain of Custody in place.



Cost to use the blue MSC fish tick

Most organisations that sign a licence to use the blue MSC fish tick are liable to pay annual fees and, depending on the label use, royalties. If you’re an education institute, media, charity, an ASI approved assessment body or NGO raising public awareness of sustainable seafood, then you can apply to use the blue MSC fish tick for free. 

Your licensing fees help us reach more fisheries around the world increasing the supply of certified sustainable seafood.

Annual fee

Once you've signed a licence you will pay an annual fee. The level of the annual fee payable is determined by the total net value of MSC certified seafood sold/purchased by your company during a UK financial year (April – March), except for menu or fish counter items where the annual fee is based on net purchases. 

The annual fee is due at the beginning of each royalty year, which starts 1st April. 

For existing licensees, the actual sales from the previous royalty year are used to determine the annual fee. For new licensees, the annual fee will be based on an estimation of sales for the royalty year.


Value of MSC certified seafood purchased/sold

Annual fee 

 £0 – £130,000 GBP£160 GBP
 £130,001 – £330,000 GBP£800 GBP
> £330,000 GBP£1,600

If you are a consumer facing organisation, i.e. fishmonger or restaurant, reporting annual purchases of up to £130,000 GBP, you’ll pay an annual fee of £160 GBP and no royalties.


If you are using the blue MSC fish tick on consumer facing products, you will also need to pay royalties starting at 0.5% on the net wholesale value of your MSC labelled product sales. 

For fresh fish counter or menu items will be charged on net purchases.

MSC-labelled sales / purchases (GBP) of consumer facing products

Royalty rate

£0 GBP – £10,000,000 GBP0.5%
£10,000,001 GBP – 20,000,000 GBP0.45%
£20,000,001 GBP – 30,000,000 GBP0.4%
£30,000,001 GBP – 40,000,000 GBP0.35%
£40,000,001 GBP and greater0.3%

Reporting your sales

We will request a completed turnover declaration on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis – depending on how much MSC labelled seafood your company has sold – in order to calculate the annual fees and royalties.


Looking for Aquaculture Stewardship Council?

To apply for an ASC label licence, please visit the ASC website

Contact the MSCI label licensing team

MSCI label licensing

Replies within 2 working days, UK time zone.

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Find out more

MSC label guidelines

MSC label guidelines

Guidelines setting out the basic rules for how to use the blue MSC fish tick on product packaging, restaurant menus, fish counters and promotional material.

Approve my use of the blue MSC fish tick

Approve my use of the blue MSC fish tick

The blue MSC fish tick and associated claims are a registered trademark and any usage must be approved.

Promote sustainable seafood

Promote sustainable seafood

Promote your commitment to sourcing certified sustainable seafood and increase sales of your MSC labelled products. Use our marketing assets and toolkits.