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There are over 100 species of sustainable seafood available from suppliers across Australia and New Zealand and beyond.

Certified sustainable seafood supplies

Over 100 species of wild-caught fish are certified as sustainable to the MSC Fisheries Standard

Use our Find a Supplier tool to find businesses around the world with MSC Chain of Custody certificates that can supply you with the certified sustainable seafood that you need.  

To use the blue fish tick on a product or menu you must ensure you have the relevant Chain of Custody in place and licence agreement. 

Find out about the retailers, brands and restaurants using the MSC blue fish tick.

Oceania MSC Fish Gallery

Browse our gallery of certified seafood, specifically from the waters surrounding Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and the Western Central Pacific Ocean) and selected Asian countries. 

Oceania MSC Fish Gallery 2021
Version: 4.00
Date of issue: 12 January 2022
Download download file PDF - 12 MB

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When you choose MSC certified sustainable seafood, you are enabling future generations to enjoy seafood while keeping our oceans full of life, forever. You are supporting the ongoing vitality of the marine environment, the species that call it home, and the communities that it feeds and supports.