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Fun recipes to make with kids at home

Cooking is a great way for people of all ages to learn about where food comes from and how it was caught. We've prepared some simple and fun recipes to try at home.



  • 1 slice of smoked salmon (MSC or ASC certified)
  • 1 slice of brown bread
  • 1 tsp cream cheese
  • 10 stems of chives
  • Black peppercorns
  • Radishes and cucumbers (for decoration) 
  1. Toast a slice of bread.
  2. Once toasted cut the shape of a fish body out of the bread.
  3. Spread cream cheese on the fish body.
  4. Cut the smoked salmon into 4 strips and cut off a wider piece for the tail.
  5. Place the salmon strips onto the fish body and place the wider piece at the tail end.
  6. Place the stalks of chives very close to the salmon strips.
  7. Place a peppercorn as the fish eye.
  8. Decorate with radishes and cucumbers.
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Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber bites | Kids recipes


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