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Anne Gabriel

Anne Gabriel

MSC Program Director, Oceania & Singapore

The Marine Stewardship Council made a submission to the Senate inquiry into greenwashing. 

Greenwashing is an underestimated deterrent to incentivise and advance best practices in sustainable fisheries management and sustainable seafood.

Greenwashing undermines the significant commitment and momentum demonstrated by a broad spectrum of groups doing the right thing across governments, industry, fishing communities, businesses, scientists, and conservation organisations worldwide, as in Australia. 

We welcome the opportunity to contribute and participate in the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications’ inquiry on greenwashing, which can only be a good thing, and we welcome efforts to ensure eco-friendly claims made on products are legitimate, clear, and substantiated. 

Greenwashing recommendations include:

  • Leverage the credibility principles identified by ISEAL
  • Conduct large-scale consumer awareness campaigns
  • Provide clear and explicit guidelines on permissible environmental claims

Look for the MSC blue label

Read our submission in full.

Senate Inquiry into Greenwashing - MSC submission - June 2023
Download download file PDF - 2 MB