Is mullet sustainable?

Sustainable mullet is available in selected stores in Australia. Just look for mullet products with the blue fish tick.

What is mullet?

A mullet is a type of ray-finned fish, meaning their fins are webs of skin supported by bony spines.

Sea mulletalso known as flathead grey mullet, are the largest mullet found in Australia and live in estuaries and inshore waters. A versatile fish, the flesh is meaty and oily, substantial even. It is excellent smoked, baked, in a casserole, poached, or steamed. The roe of mullet is considered a delicacy.

How do I know if mullet is sustainable?

Sea mullet carrying the MSC blue fish tick is certified sustainable. MSC labelled mullet comes from a fishery that has been independently assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Companies using the blue fish tick all along the supply chain have been assessed to ensure products can be traced back to an MSC certified fishery. 

Where can I buy sustainable mullet?

You’ll find sea mullet with the blue fish tick available locally in Mandurah, Western Australia, from retailers including Wattsies Place.

This fishery on the Peel Harvey Estaury, South of Perth, Western Australia comprises eleven commercial vessels licensed to catch sea mullet, using gill and haul nets. Haul nets are used to encircle a school of fish, while gill nets are static.

Mullet facts

Mullet has been part of human diets for thousands of years – they were an important source of food for the ancient Romans. These fish are still popular and widely consumed. Mullet are also known as ‘jumping’ or ‘happy mullet’ because they often jump and vigorously skip across the surface of water.

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