Sustainable fish to eat Australia and New Zealand

Shopping for sustainable seafood is easy. Just look for the blue fish tick on over 500 fish and seafood products in Australia and New Zealand.

Sustainable seafood has the blue fish tick

When you see the blue fish tick on a product or menu, it can be traced back to a certified sustainable fishery. By looking at each fishery individually using science and collaboration, fisheries are able to prove and improve their sustainability performance. Therefore, you don't need a PhD or to carry around a seafood guide in your pocket. Just look for the blue fish tick when shopping and dining out.


Choose sustainable seafood with the blue fish tick

Which species of fish are sustainable?

We don't believe in stigmatising entire species by saying they are good, bad or okay. Instead, we use science and the power of partnerships to promote sustainable fishing practices. Fisheries voluntarily put themselves under the spotlight to get certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard by using global best marine science. The below species of fish are widely available as MSC certified sustainable in Australia and New Zealand. Click on the fish species to find out more about their sustainability journey.
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