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The letters 'MSC', the organisation's name and blue label are all trademarks owned by the MSC. Use of the blue MSC fish tick and of the words "Marine Stewardship Council" in the context of positioning/marketing/promotional purposes must be authorised by the MSC.

Misuse of the MSC blue fish tick and associated claims is an offence

In order to maintain credibility in our program and the MSC blue fish tick, it is extremely important that we ensure that the MSC blue fish tick is only used by those licensed to do so.

Misuse of the MSC blue fish tick happens when a company uses it without MSC Chain of Custody certification in place or without written consent on artwork.

The MSC name and the MSC blue fish tick are trademarks owned by the MSC: unauthorised use is prohibited and treated as trademark infringement.  

To protect the integrity of the MSC blue fish tick and the investment of partners using the MSC blue fish tick legitimately, we actively monitor and investigate all suspected cases of misuse.  

Most incidents can be resolved but, if necessary, we reserve the right to withdraw licenses where these apply and initiate legal action.

If our investigations confirm misuse, the company concerned is given the opportunity to correct the misuse by, for example, removing products from the market place; signing an agreement; obtaining MSC Chain of Custody certification or changing suppliers.

If we cannot conclude the incident satisfactorily by these means, we will, depending on the circumstances:

  • Send an official written warning
  • Suspend or terminate the company's licence (where one exists)
  • Initiate legal action.

The bottom line is that all efforts and legal measures are taken to ensure that MSC trademarks are used as is required by the law. 

For clarification and guidance on our process in Australia & New Zealand, please contact MSC Senior Commercial Manager, Oceania [email protected]

Report misue of the MSC blue fish tick

The MSC works to protect its name and label at all times and seeks your help in protecting the integrity of the program. If you know of a case where the MSC name or label is being misused, please tell us using the form below or email us on [email protected].


All reports of label misuse will be treated confidentially and we will not share any of your details when investigating possible misuses.

Where was the MSC name or blue label misused?
We may contact you with further questions.
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More help

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