Apply for fisheries funding

The Ocean Stewardship Fund offers grants to both MSC certified sustainable fisheries and improving fisheries.

The Ocean Stewardship Fund projects have now been awarded for 2020. Applications for 2021 will open this Autumn.

Three different kinds of funding are available under the Ocean Stewardship Fund.

Supporting scientific research

Our Science and Research Fund awards grants of up to £50,000 for research projects that help fisheries meet and maintain sustainability best practice. This includes projects aimed at closing conditions of MSC certification.

This year we particularly welcome projects focussing on ghost gear or endangered, threatened and protected (ETP) species.  

Find out more and apply for a Science and Research award grant

Supporting fisheries making long term commitments to sustainability

Our Recertification Assistance Fund (RAF) helps MSC certified fisheries with the cost of Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) fees for the second or subsequent recertification audit.

Recertification grants are limited to either 75% of the CAB’s recertification audit costs, or GBP £30,000, whichever is lower.

Find out more and apply for a recertification grant

Supporting fisheries path to sustainability

Our Transition Assistance Fund supports fisheries making progress towards MSC certification. The fund is being piloted for a year through the Fish for Good project. Following the pilot, the fund will be open to other credible fishery improvement projects (FIPs) that are committed to achieving MSC certification and are verified through the In-Transition to MSC program.  

Supporting postgraduate student research to improve fisheries

The MSC Student Research Grant annually awards grants to support postgraduate students around the world who are studying fisheries science or supply chain traceability.

The program provides up to £5,000 per postgraduate student project for travel and other support. Approximately 10 grants are awarded each year.

Find out more and apply for a  student research grant

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