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Over £3.9 million has been dedicated to 106 fisheries and projects around the world through the Ocean Stewardship Fund.

This includes 81 projects awarded through our annual grant scheme. 

In 2023, £750,000 was awarded to projects including reducing seabird interactions, identifying octopus species and teaching fishers how to release turtles safely. 

Around 40% of the grants will support fisheries in developing economies, such as Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa, and includes four fisheries that are transitioning to sustainable practices through the In-Transition to MSC program.

Project stories

South Africa: Hake fishery supports bird conservation

Brazil: Traditional knowledge and modern devices reduce bycatch

Indonesia: Tracking anchored FAD use in tuna fisheries

Ocean Stewardship Fund

Ocean Stewardship Fund

Each year, over £1 million in grants are available for fisheries at all stages on their path to sustainability.