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Anne Gabriel

Anne Gabriel

MSC Program Director, Oceania & Singapore

The Marine Stewardship Council joins the Trusted Labels Group

October 8, 2020

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GlobeScan's Healthy & Sustainable Living study show that people are increasingly interested in leading healthy and sustainable lives, but there is a broad gap between intent and action. People say they need business and government to help, by providing products and services that make healthy and sustainable living easy and affordable.

This World Ecolabel Day, the Marine Stewardship Council has joined other credible certification schemes in Australia and New Zealand to form the Trusted Labels Group. The Group was introduced during a panel session Innovations in the Circular Economy in Sydney organised by the Good Environmental Choice Australia. 
The Trusted Labels Group comprise independently audited third party certification schemes in Australia & New Zealand, coming together to identify common areas of interest, shared learnings and promoting the benefits of independent third-party certification for empowering consumer choice. 
Members include:

The Trusted Labels Group aims to deepen connections across the group’s membership while strengthening collective stakeholder engagement.
Commenting on the partnership, Anne Gabriel, Program Director of MSC Oceania, said: “We live in a complex world. However, complexity does not have to be confronting. Today, many questions run in consumers’ minds before buying or consuming something – Is this safe? Is it cruelty free to animals or people? Is it environmentally friendly? Is it healthy? The enabling of informed decisions made by consumers and the business community necessitates a coalition like the Trusted Labels Group where choices become sustainable, wholesome, less selective and more inclusive.” 
For more information on the Trusted Labels Group and the six member organisations, download the group’s brochure. 
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