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Each year on 8 June, World Ocean Day is a moment to celebrate and fight to protect our ocean.

Overfishing, climate change and pollution all threaten the health of our ocean and marine biodiversity.

Together with its partners, the Marine Stewardship Council is on a mission to end overfishing and restore fish populations.

Thousand of organisations across the world are united under this mission. 

This includes the hundreds of thousands of people working tirelessly on the ocean such as commercial fisheries, conservation organisations, and scientific institutions to those processing, distributing and selling certified sustainable seafood.

Three things you can do this World Ocean Day

  1. Buy sustainable seafood 
  2. Advance ocean literacy 
  3. Donate to fund ocean conservation 

World Ocean Day

World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June 2022. Each year on World Oceans Day we raise awareness about ending overfishing and protecting our oceans.

World Ocean Day