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Harley and Johns Seafood now sell MSC certified sustainable seafood with the blue fish tick

Anita Lee

Anita Lee

MSC Senior Commercial Outreach Manager, Oceania 

Harley and Johns MSC blue fish tick
The Harley and Johns Seafood team proudly promoting their MSC certification.
Harley and Johns Seafood has become the first independent fishmonger in New South Wales to gain MSC certification. Seafood lovers can now find the MSC blue fish tick on a range of high quality seafood in their Fairy Meadow (Wollongong) store.

MSC certified sustainable seafood available now in store with the blue fish tick include the following with more being added at a later date:

Grant Logue from Harley and Johns Seafood, said:

“My team and I are excited to receive the blue fish tick fisheries certification. 

"We are passionate about protecting our oceans and supplying seafood to our customers that is not only of the highest quality but is also sustainable. 

"The certification process is a rigorous one that we wanted to be a part of to ensure that our seafood is fished from stocks with healthy populations, with minimal impact on the marine environment and in an area with effective, responsive and responsible management.

“Our customers can buy seafood at Harley’s safe in the knowledge that their seafood can be traced back to a sustainable fishery.  Everyone from the fisher on the boat to my team at Harley and Johns are doing what we can to ensure we have seafood forever."

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