Where to buy sustainable seafood

In Australia and New Zealand, you’ll find sustainable seafood with the blue fish tick on over 500 products and menus.

Find in Store


ALDI has the largest own-brand range of MSC certified sustainable seafood of any Australian retailer. Their MSC range includes chilled pollock, tinned Alaskan salmon and frozen New Zealand hoki, which you can find in your local ALDI Store.

Go to aldi.com.au


Winner of the 2019 Wave of Change award for Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket, Coles offers a wide range of MSC labelled seafood products including raw banana prawns and pink ling in the deli seafood department, and a great selection of products in the freezer department and canned seafood aisle.

Go to coles.com.au

The Fish Shoppe

Visit The Fish Shoppe at South Melbourne Market and Smith St, Collingwood - the first independent retailer in Australia to have gained MSC certification. Their all Australian and New Zealand MSC certified range includes yellowfin tuna, albacore and swordfish from Walker Seafoods and Goolwa PipiCo pipis amongst others.

Go to thefishshoppe.com.au


Woolworths offers a wide range of MSC labelled seafood across all of its seafood categories, including products from Goolwa PipiCo and Birds Eye as well as under the Woolworths brand.

Go to woolworths.com.au
Mures Tasmania

Mures Tasmania

The first and only restaurant and speciailst shop to become MSC certified in Tasmania. This iconic venue is ensuring we have a delicious future full of fish.

Go to mures.com.au


Brands to look out for

Birds Eye

Birdseye fish products proudly carry the MSC blue tick on favourites such as Fish Fingers, Oven Bake and Deli fish range.

Go to birdseye.com.au

Findus Jamie Oliver

Findus Jamie Oliver fish fingers and fish cakes are made from MSC certified pollock, which you can find in Woolworths stores.

Findus Jamie Oliver online

Glacier 51

Glacier 51 Toothfish is a premium fish with a remarkable story. From the wild Southern Ocean to the world’s best Chefs and restaurants, it is also MSC certified sustainable and carbon neutral. Visit the website for a list of distributors, restaurants and retailers stocking Glacier 51 in Australia and New Zealand.

Go to australfisheries.com.au

Goolwa PipiCo

Goolwa PipiCo harvest from the pristine cold waters off the Coorong National Park, South Australia. Their pipis are available at Woolworths and Costco as well as independent seafood distributors around Australia.

Go to goolwapipico.com

John West

Australia’s most popular brand, John West has skipjack tuna in a wide variety of delicious flavours. Also keep an eye out for John West canned wild salmon and mackerel and chilled wild sockeye salmon available in major retailers with the blue fish tick.

Go to johnwest.com.au

Karumba Banana Prawns

Fiery sunsets and salty water are in the DNA of Karumba Banana Prawns. Sustainably caught in the wild Gulf of Carpentaria, Karumba Banana Prawns are incredibly versatile – equally good at home on the BBQ or in top-tier restaurants around the world. If you're interested in sourcing Karumba Prawns for commercial or home cooking, get in touch with the Austral Fisheries team.

Go to australfisheries.com.au

Ocean Choice International

Ocean Choice International’s wild scallops, harvested from the icy waters of the North Atlantic are available with the MSC blue fish tick from food service industry distributor Bidfood.

Go to bidfood.com.au


Silver Lip Pearl Oyster meat is an exclusive & rare delicacy handpicked from the pristine waters of the Kimberley, Australia. Paspaley Pearl Meat is MSC certified, traced as an environmentally sustainable sourced seafood.

Go to Paspaley website


Safcol canned salmon with the MSC blue fish tick is available at IGA and independent retailers around Australia.

Go to safcol.com.au


Seafrost is a frozen seafood brand by Bidfood, a leading food service industry distributor. They offer whiting, hoki, pollock and flounder products with the MSC blue fish tick.

Go to bidfood.com.au


You can find the MSC blue fish tick on Sealord’s wide range of frozen New Zealand hoki and southern blue whiting products, available at both Coles & Woolworths.

Go to sealord.com.au

Skull Island Tiger Prawns

Skull Island Tiger Prawns are the biggest prawns you’ll find in Australia! Wild-caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria, only the finest are picked to become the premium, sustainable and carbon neutral Skull Island branded prawns. Check out the website for a list of distributors, restaurants and retailers stocking MSC certified Skull Island Tiger Prawns.

Go to australfisheries.com.au

Spencer Gulf King Prawns

The first Australian prawns to carry the MSC blue fish tick, Spencer Gulf King Prawns have been certified sustainable since 2011. You can find Spencer Gulf prawns at distributors and retailers all around Australia.

Go to SGKP website

Eating out

The View

The View restaurant is located at Taronga Zoo Sydney and offers delicious, certified sustainable MSC labelled seafood on its menu.

Go to taronga.org.au
CHEFIN love food experiences


CHEFIN is like an Uber for chefs operating in Australia. You'll experience delicious sustainable wild-caught seafood including prawns, rock lobster, and scallops.

Go to chefin.com.au
Mures Tasmania

Mures Tasmania

The first and only restaurant and speciailst shop to become MSC certified in Tasmania. This iconic venue is ensuring we have a delicious future full of fish.

Go to mures.com.au

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What does the blue fish tick mean?

When you buy a product with the blue fish tick you’re supporting a fishery that is contributing to healthier oceans.

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Sustainable seafood recipes

Chefs and seafood lovers from around the world share quick and tasty ways of cooking MSC certified sustainable seafood. Enjoy!

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