Here you'll find a series of reports published by the MSC, including our Annual and Global Impacts reports and more.

MSC Sustainable Tuna Handbook

Updated in 2021, this handbook provides a comprehensive summary of the state of global tuna stocks, the issues surrounding sustainable harvest, global market demand, and certified sustainable tuna fisheries. It was developed with input from major tuna producers and brands and aims to guide those who source and buy tuna towards sustainable choices.

Annual Report 2019-2020

This year’s report highlights the resilience of our partners in the fishing and supply chain sectors in what has been an extraordinary year with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the challenges, growth has continued in the demand for sustainable seafood. In 2019-20, 17.4 % of all wild marine catch was engaged with the MSC with 18,735 different MSC labeled products on shelves around the world.

The report contains features and articles on the tireless efforts of partners and stakeholders who continue to ensure that sustainable seafood is available to consumers worldwide. These include:

  • Saluting ocean heroes: we celebrate the fishers adapting and innovating against tremendous odds during the global pandemic.
  • Focus on the Global South and small-scale fisheries: detailing the progress in sustainable fishing in Latin America, Indonesia, and India.
  • Beyond borders: why fishing quotas may be affected by climate change.
  • Digital traceability: a look at the future of supply chain assurance.


“Just as nations, companies and individuals have committed to a whatever-it-takes approach to combating Covid-19, so we need to apply the same commitment to the other big challenges facing us.”

Rupert Howes, Marine Stewardship Council CEO


Previous reports

MSC Annual Report 2018-2019
Description: Working together for thriving oceans.

Language: English
Date of issue: 10 October 2019
MSC Annual Report 2017-2018
Description: Seafood for future generations.

Language: English
Date of issue: 20 February 2019
MSC Annual Report 2016-17
Description: MSC 20th anniversary Annual Report. Wild. Certified. Sustainable.

Language: English
Date of issue: 18 October 2017
MSC Strategic Plan summary 2017-2020
Description: A summary of the MSC's current strategic plan, outlining the MSC’s main strategic directions and priorities from 2017 to 2020

Date of issue: 24 May 2017
MSC consumer survey 2016 summary
Description: Seafood consumers put sustainability before price and brand: graphic summary of MSC Consumer Survey 2016, conducted by Globescan

Date of issue: 13 July 2016
MSC Global Impacts Update 2019
Description: An updated review of the Marine Stewardship Council program and the improvements made by MSC certified fisheries around the world.

Language: English
Date of issue: 08 June 2019
Date effective: 08 June 2019
MSC Global Impacts Report 2017
Description: A 20th anniversary review of the Marine Stewardship Council program and the progress and improvements made by MSC certified fisheries around the world.

Language: English
Date of issue: 01 June 2017



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