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To deliver our vision of oceans teeming with life and seafood supplies safeguarded for future generations, we employ a diverse group of people across 18 offices around the world.

To achieve our global goals, we also work with consultants in a further 11 countries. Combined we speak more than 15 languages. 

There’s one thing that everyone at the MSC has in common: an enthusiasm for keeping our oceans wild and teeming with life. Our passion can be seen in everything we do – from the care taken in setting our standards to our communications and marketing to our support functions working behind the scenes. 

Our staff undertake a huge variety of activities for us, including:

  • Fisheries science and marine biology: working to develop our standards and with fisheries undergoing MSC assessment 
  • Supply chain management: overseeing our work in product integrity and helping to develop our Chain of Custody Standard
  • Marketing and communications: supporting our mission by growing awareness of sustainable seafood and the blue MSC label
  • Seafood sourcing: working with commercial organisations to support their buying commitments
  • Logo licensing: working with partners in more than 100 countries to ensure that our label is used correctly
  • Data and IT: running our reporting tools and systems

Other departments essential to the running of our organisation include HR, finance and office services.

Jobs: Work with us

As a non-profit organisation we offer our staff the opportunity to work in an area they're passionate about, alongside equally passionate colleagues from across the globe.

We want our people to grow with our organisation, so we also offer opportunities for training and development, and we reward our staff with through our country-specific benefits, including the possibility of flexible working. 

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