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The MSC blue fish tells you it's certified sustainable!

Generic MSC ecolabels (Portrait and Landscape)

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global, science-based nonprofit dedicated to restoring global fish stocks and safeguarding our seafood supplies for future generations.  

When you see our label on products in-store and on restaurant menus, it signals that the seafood you’re enjoying is:


  1. Certified sustainable and wild caught,
  2. Harvested from healthy populations, and
  3. Has minimal impacts on the marine environment 


Put simply, this label is our way of making certified sustainable seafood easier for you to find—so you can help take care of the ocean and reduce the environmental impact of your food. 


Why is Seafood a Planet-Friendly Option?


Many studies have found that seafood, especially wild-caught seafood, can have a much lower carbon footprint than land-based proteins like beef and pork, and even eggs or chicken.  

This is largely because wild-capture fisheries do not:

  • Require the use of land: They don’t change an area’s natural landscape or contribute to biodiversity loss on land
  • Use a significant amount of water: Wild fish don’t require water sources supplied by humans 
  • Cause nutrient pollution: Wild fish don’t require food sources supplied by humans 


When wild caught seafood is also MSC certified sustainable, it’s verified to come from a fishery that scores ‘Best Practice’ for:  

  • Healthy fish stocks: Leaves enough fish to reproduce so that fishing in the area can continue indefinitely without impacting  
  • Minimal environmental impact: Surrounding ecosystems (including marine habitats and other species) are avoided when possible and allowed to recover to support the health of the marine environment 
  • Responsible management: Management follows relevant laws and is responsive enough to adapt to changing environmental conditions.  


Why Should I Choose MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood?


Opting for a MSC certified sustainable product comes with several benefits for you—and the planet—beyond what's been outlined above.

Though not an exhaustive list, your MSC certified seafood purchase helps to: