What consumers want: The future of sustainable seafood

Understanding consumers and their values lays an important foundation for the sustainable seafood movement.


One of the world’s largest studies of seafood consumers was conducted in 2018 by leading research consultancy, GlobeScan. The study provides insight into what seafood consumers think about and expect when shopping and dining out. Commissioned by the MSC, this comprehensive study demonstrates that consumers care about our oceans and crave more information about the sustainability of products from their favorite companies and brands.


of North American seafood consumers believe we need to protect seafood supplies for future generations.


want to hear more from companies about the sustainability of their seafood products.


believe a company's claim about sustainability needs to be backed by an independent organization.

For more insight into what North American consumers are looking for, take a look at the following resources:

  • A downloadable/printable infographic with key survey results
  • A 2018 webinar on Understanding North American Seafood Consumers
  • A downloadable PDF of the webinar for sharing
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Understanding North American seafood consumers


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