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Reach for the MSC Blue Fish Label this Earth Month


The choices we make today shape the health of our ocean and planet tomorrow. When you #ChooseBlue and buy products with the MSC blue fish label, you help support MSC certified fisheries that actively work to maintain the health of our ocean’s fish populations and marine ecosystems – helping us build a better, healthier future for our blue planet

What's Behind the Blue Fish Label?

Behind every blue fish label is a story of commitment, science, and hope.

The MSC blue fish label (pictured) was developed to help you easily find seafood that meets the world’s leading Standards for sustainable fishing. That means it comes from an MSC certified, wild-capture fishery that is required to prove it meets specific standards for:

  • Sustainable sourcing – the stocks are fished in a way that does not threaten the population's long-term health 
  • Harvesting seafood – fisheries must catch seafood in a way that minimizes environmental impacts and does not harm the surrounding wildlife and ecosystem 
  • Effective fisheries management practices – the fishery must comply with relevant laws and is able to adapt to changing environmental conditions 
By choosing products with the MSC blue fish label, you not only support fisheries that contribute to a healthier ocean, you join a larger movement of scientists, fishers, NGOs, retailers, and brands that are united in a mission to end overfishing and restore ocean health. 

Our Ocean, Our Future

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a nonprofit organization that has worked for over 25 years to end overfishing. MSC certified fisheries have made thousands of measurable positive impacts to our ocean, including the recovery of overfished stocks and the reduction of bycatch, highlighting the MSC's role as a driver of global marine conservation efforts.    

Worldwide, there are 550 fisheries that are committed to sustainability and have achieved MSC certification; but this is just the beginning. Our goal of engaging over a third of global landings in the MSC program by 2030 is not only achievable – it is essential.   

Learn more about how you can support sustainable fisheries, contribute to a healthier ocean and the work the MSC is doing around the world.

Your journey towards sustainable seafood consumption starts here.