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Why not introduce ocean sustainability with our award-winning film? Follow a fisherman’s daughter into the wild, as she explores ocean sustainability, the reasons why our oceans are threatened, and the science behind sustainable fishing. 

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My dad the fisherman


A professionally produced topical video with some simple to use lesson plans that ensures anyone (young or old) who watches it begins to understand the concept of ocean sustainability as well as the roles of fishermen

Geographical Association

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Sea Food Web

Film and Clips

Our award-winning film is a great 15-minute introduction to ocean sustainability. Hungry for more? Explore our library of bite-sized clips available to watch and download.

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Illustration of sea life behind fishing net

Learning Resources

Browse our selection of educational resources for geography and science classrooms, including worksheets, photos, fact sheets, and discussion topics.

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Spinning globe with illustrated school of fish

Games and Activities

Check out our games and activities for classrooms. On this page, you'll find group activities and experiments that complement our other educational resources.

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school of fish swimming through big blue ocean

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