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Discover how everyone can play a role in keeping our oceans healthy for generations to come! Explore our learning resources today.

Resources for National Ocean Month and World Ocean Day 2023

MSC World Ocean Day 2023 Lesson Plan Teachers Guide
Description: It All Starts Here… Students aged 8-15 discuss the role the Ocean plays to support our lives and explore themes of Ocean sustainability. They are also asked to get creative and Make a Deal with the Ocean, expressing what they can do to protect it.
Date of issue: 14 May 2023
Download download file PDF - 1 MB
MSC World Ocean Day 2023 Lesson Plan Presentation
Description: A presentation for teachers to support the learning resources for World Ocean Day 2023.
Date of issue: 17 May 2023
Download download file PPTX - 44 MB
Kahoot quiz: World Ocean Day – It All Starts Here

Kahoot quiz: World Ocean Day – It All Starts Here

Play the quiz to find out more about our Ocean and think about the action we can take to protect it.
If you are a teacher and you have already a login to the Kahoot platform and you want to create your classroom challenge, you can do so here.

Evergreen Lesson Plans and Resources

Watch (and use!) Our Film

Why not introduce ocean sustainability with our award-winning film? Follow a fisherman’s daughter into the wild, as she explores ocean sustainability, the reasons why our oceans are threatened, and the science behind sustainable fishing. 

My dad the fisherman

My dad the fisherman

“A professionally produced topical video with some simple to use lesson plans that ensures anyone (young or old) who watches it begins to understand the concept of ocean sustainability as well as the roles of fishermen”

Geographical Association

How my dad fishes for the future

Dive into our changing ocean and explore how to end overfishing. Includes six classroom exercises. Download the accompanying teacher's guide from the learning resources page.