Why get your business MSC certified?

Make a commitment to healthy oceans for future generations and get MSC certified to meet the growing global demand for certified sustainable seafood and a fully traceable supply chain.

Help realize our shared mission of oceans teeming with life for this and future generations. By becoming MSC certified, your business is creating change at scale, and directly impacting positive change on the water.

6 reasons to choose MSC

  1. Contribute to ending overfishing and protecting seafood supplies for the future.
  2. Demand for certified sustainable seafood continues to grow.
  3. Increase trust in your products by offering third-party verified, traceable, sustainably-caught seafood.
  4. Strengthen staff, supplier, and customer loyalty by working on common sustainability goals.
  5. Fight seafood fraud and mislabeling by supporting a traceable supply chain.
  6. Choose from more than 100 species of wild-caught seafood from thousands of MSC certified sustainable suppliers. 

The stats


of US and Canadian seafood consumers agree retailers’ and brands' sustainability claims should be clearly labeled by an independent organization* 
More than


different products sold globally with the MSC blue fish label in the 2019-20 (UK financial year)


of US and Canadian seafood consumers would like to hear more from companies about the sustainability of their fish and seafood products* 


sales value of seafood with the MSC blue fish label

Using the MSC blue fish label educates and involves our customers in protecting ocean ecosystems for future generations.

Susan Forsell, Vice President Sustainability McDonald’s USA


Want to know more?

Hand placing MSC label at fish counter in Swiss Coop supermarket

What is the MSC Chain of Custody?

Get the details on MSC Chain of Custody Standard and find out which version makes sense for your company.

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Woman in protective hairnet checking stock with digital tablet

What is the certification process like?

Learn more about the steps involved in getting your supply chain MSC certified.

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Are consumers demanding sustainable seafood?

Shoppers are “voting with their forks” for healthy oceans.

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Ready for the next step?

Contact your local MSC commercial representative

We have commercial outreach colleagues around the world who can help get your business certified to buy and sell fish and seafood that is MSC certified sustainable.

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After certification: Get new resources

When you have Chain of Custody certification, you're part of a global network of traceable, sustainable seafood suppliers and will have access to exclusive MSC partner materials.


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