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What could be better than eating a delicious meal prepared by a celebrated Chef?

Perhaps enjoying a delicious meal centered around sustainability alongside some of the individuals involved in sourcing the ingredients, and learning the stories of those fisheries?

MSC and US Chef Ambassador Gregory Gourdet hosted a memorable, in-person dining experience for seafood lovers this past October in San Francisco, served with a side of storytelling. Chef Gourdet crafted a delicious meal centered around MSC-certified Texas oysters, North Atlantic squid, and Pacific chilipepper rockfish.

While diners enjoyed each #FeelGoodSeafood course, representatives from each of the fisheries shared facts about the species, great tips on how to prepare the fish at home, and why being MSC certified sustainable is so important to their business models.

Chef Gregory Gourdet smiles while holding microphone in front of large screen

Chef Gregory Gourdet thanks the crowd for attending the "Dining for a Big Blue Future" event

Fisheries representative from LegaSea addresses crowd at

Lisa Damrosch from LegaSea Fish Co. shares the sustainability story of MSC certified rockfish fishery

Chef Gourdet, a sustainability advocate, created a four-course menu inspired by global flavors and made possible by sustainable fishing practices:

Course 1: Texas Oysters with Pikliz Ice

Texas oysters with pikliz sauce

Cold raw oyster served with a spicy, relish and herb oil over seaweed 

Course 2: Squid with creole sauce

squid in a spicy creole sauce

A spicy and umami-rich tomato sauce is tossed with squid 

Course 3: Chilipepper rockfish in coconut broth, plantain, and bay

skin on rockfish in coconut broth with plantain and bay

Skin-on rockfish sits in a vegetable studded, aromatic coconut broth 


Course 4: Pineapple upside-down cake with sea salt caramel

Pineapple upside down cake

Caramelized pineapple top a richly spiced cake, glazed with a salted caramel 

The evening was a celebration of sustainability, ocean health, and how we can all contribute to a healthier ocean together through simple actions like choosing the MSC blue fish.  

Find MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood Near You

There are over 1,750 MSC certified products in the US and Canada, so there's a good chance sustainable options can be found where you already shop! Find out if your favorite retailer, restaurant, or seafood brand carries products with the MSC blue fish logo.

Find MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood Near You