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Nola Martin

VP of Marketing, Ocean Brands

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As the world feels the effects of global warming, Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and the health of our planet. Not surprisingly, the health of our oceans—which support an estimated 50-80% of life on our planet—is top of mind for many of us. In fact, the world’s largest survey of seafood consumers conducted by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) revealed some interesting trends in our attitudes about ocean health:

Canadian consumers ranked the oceans as the 3rd highest environmental concern. 
Global consumers ranked the oceans as the 6th highest environmental concern. 

38% of Canadian seafood consumers said they would be willing to switch to a brand or product that helps protect the ocean. 

22% of Canadian seafood consumers reported already having made the switch. 

Translating to a growing interest in protecting the world’s oceans, these attitudes are driving Canadians to be more aware of their consumption choices and take action to protect our oceans and marine life. Increasingly, we are doing this by looking for ecolabels that signal seafood is caught in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. 

The same MSC survey showed that a growing number of us recognize the MSC blue fish label. To be exact, a third of Canadians recognized it by 2020 compared to just 25% in 2018. Even more encouraging, the survey revealed that younger Canadians aged 18-34 are even more attuned to ecolabels with 51% of them reporting they recognize the MSC mark for sustainable seafood.

As consumers strive to do more to protect the health of our planet including our oceans and marine life, Ocean Brands is doubling down on our commitment to be good stewards of our oceans. 

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Ocean Brands Sourcing 100% MSC certified Skipjack Tuna

As part of our commitment to preserve the health of our oceans and to give consumers an easily accessible and affordable sustainable option, Ocean’s Skipjack tuna—better known as Light Tuna—is now 100% sourced only from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. 

With this addition to Ocean’s existing range of MSC certified products, we now offer the widest range of MSC certified products in Canada’s canned seafood category. In fact, we’re proud to say that 70% of the entire Ocean’s product portfolio is MSC certified, giving Canadians access to more sustainable, affordable seafood options. 


Working Together to Protect the Ocean’s Health

In other words, while Canadian consumers prioritize the health of our oceans by making sustainable choices, Ocean Brands is doing its part by giving them a broader range of sustainable products to choose from. After all, we can all play a role in preserving the health of the world’s oceans. 

As a brand, Ocean’s Seafood honours this obligation through our long-standing partnership with the MSC. This partnership has enabled us to offer certified sustainable products to Canadian consumers while allowing us to ensure the future health of our oceans and the fisheries that depend on them. 


Why We Use the MSC Blue Fish Label

With a solid commitment to preserving the health of the world’s oceans, Ocean’s is leading the way in sustainable seafood products in Canada. As the industry’s highest standard of sustainability, the MSC plays a vital role in the success of our sustainability initiatives. MSC certification meets globally recognized best practices standards in sustainable seafood, and the MSC ecolabel is widely recognized among consumers. 

When we choose MSC certified seafood as consumers, we can rest assured that these products were wild-caught and verified to come from a certified fishery. By purchasing products with that little blue ecolabel, we’re directly supporting fisheries and companies that take care of our oceans. 

Understanding that our environment's health is crucial for future generations and for Canadians today, Ocean’s is making sustainable seafood accessible to more consumers by offering the broadest range of high-quality MSC certified products. With each of these products, we’re honouring our commitment to healthy oceans and supporting Canadians in making sustainable choices.

Ready to choose sustainable seafood? Get to know our range of MSC certified products, from classic Light Tuna to SnacKits and Tuna Salads

Find MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood Near You

There are over 1,750 MSC certified products in the US and Canada, so there's a good chance sustainable options can be found where you already shop! Find out if your favorite retailer, restaurant, or seafood brand carries products with the MSC blue fish logo.

Find MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood Near You