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Research from the Pew Research Center shows that a growing number of adults are going child-free, with many opting for pet parenthood instead. With this cultural shift comes an increased desire from these conscious consumers to hold pet food sourcing to the same sustainability standards we hold for human food systems.  

Products that feature the MSC blue fish label contain ingredients sourced from MSC certified sustainable fisheries, meaning each purchase supports innovative and industry-leading sustainability efforts on the water and beyond. 

The number of pet food products – including dog and cat food, fish oil supplements, and yummy treats – containing MSC certified ingredients in the U.S. has grown astronomically over the last five years! 

So, what does this mean for you and your furry friend? 

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Why You Should Choose MSC Certified Sustainable Pet Products

Have you thought about the environmental impact of your pet’s food? 

Dog and cat food is estimated to be responsible for 25-30% of environmental impacts of meat production, including the release of greenhouse gases, phosphates, and pesticides and use of land and water resources.

Research published in the journal Climate Change Nature found that, for each kilogram of fish caught, between one and five kilograms of carbon is produced. Meanwhile, red meat produced between 50 to 750 kilograms of carbon per kilogram of meat – a stark difference. 

So, if possible, switching your dog or cat’s main protein to a MSC certified sustainable seafood option can help offset the environmental impact of pet parenthood. 

Which Type of Fish Is Typically Added to Dog and Cat Food?

While shrimp, salmon, and canned tuna remain the most popular seafood options for humans, pets in the US are primarily eating a mix of species in the form of fishmeal. 

Fishmeal is simply a term for a dried flour-like product made from whole fish like sardines or menhaden, or trimmings –  unused by-products of fish processing that would otherwise go to waste. This protein-packed, nutrient-dense fishmeal is then used to make food for aquaculture, livestock, and our pets. 

So, making the switch to MSC certified seafood-based pet food can be even more sustainable than expected, as you’re also helping these sustainable fisheries reduce their food waste.

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With over 8.5 million cans, pouches, and pack of MSC certified pet products already purchased in the US alone, it's clear that pet owners are already making the switch to more sustainable options.

Your food purchases – pet food and otherwise – make a direct impact and hold companies accountable to making more sustainable supply chain decisions.

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Find MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood Near You

There are over 1,750 MSC certified products in the US and Canada, so there's a good chance sustainable options can be found where you already shop! Find out if your favorite retailer, restaurant, or seafood brand carries products with the MSC blue fish logo.

Find MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood Near You