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North Coast Seafoods Launches Boat to Bowl™ Fish-First Cat Food in Target Stores Nationwide and on

Boat to Bowl is Crafted Exclusively with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified Sustainable Wild Caught Fish 

Boat to Bowl Pet Foods logo in white text over black backgroundMSC ecolabel

North Coast Seafoods, a prominent supplier of premium quality, sustainable seafood, is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest product line, Boat to Bowl™ Pet Foods, available in Target stores nationwide and on starting January 1, 2024. 

Boat to Bowl™ Pet Foods was born as a result of North Coast’s expertise and passion for providing superior-quality, nutritious seafood for restaurants and grocery stores across the country. That’s why North Coast specializes exclusively in fish-based pet food recipes. Now pet-parents can feed their companions the same delicious, wholesome seafood found on plates across the country.   

"We are thrilled to bring Boat to Bowl Pet Foods to Target guests across the country," said Jon Wooner, Pet Products Director at North Coast Seafoods. "As a company, exceptional quality and sustainability have always been our guiding light. With the launch of this new line, we are not only offering a wholesome, nutritious, and delicious option for pets but also supporting sustainable fishing practices and the work of the Marine Stewardship Council."

North Coast proudly sources all of the wild fish in their Boat to Bowl recipes from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable fisheries, the gold standard for wild seafood sustainability. The MSC blue fish label can be found on the front of Boat to Bowl packaging indicating that it is certified sustainable and comes from a sustainable source. 

In order to be considered MSC Certified Sustainable, the fish used in Boat to Bowl recipes must be caught: 

  • From sustainable fish stocks with enough fish left in the sea to reproduce indefinitely. 
  • With minimal environmental impact. All fishing operations must maintain the structure, productivity, function, and diversity of the marine ecosystem.
  • By a fishery with effective management in place. Our fisheries must comply with relevant laws and have a management system that allows it to respond quickly to changes. 

“We can’t wait to see this MSC certified sustainable cat food in stores!” said Nicole Condon, MSC US Program Director. “North Coast Seafoods’ dedication to sustainable sourcing is clear with this new product line. The MSC blue fish on the label meets the needs of consumers who want assurances that what they are buying is from a trusted source. Pet owners—and by extension their pets—can feel good about their MSC certified Boat to Bowl cat food knowing they’re supporting a brand that prioritizes sustainable seafood and a healthy ocean.” 

The Boat to Bowl™ assortment available at Target will include 3 Fish-First Dry Kibble Recipes, along with 2 Food Toppers and a Fish Oil Omega-3 Topper to add an extra boost of flavor and nutrition to every meal.  

North Coast Seafoods aspires to make sustainable, fish-based cat food accessible and convenient, and this product line encourages pet parents to “Build the Purr-fect Bowl” with the nutritional power of “Vitamin Sea”! 

Boat to Bowl Pet Foods offers a new and fresh approach to nourishing your cat’s overall health and wellness. Every scoop delivers flavorful, highly digestible, and nutrient-dense Wild Seafood that cats instinctively crave. 

Dedicated to using only responsibly caught, premium, upcycled wild MSC Certified fish in every recipe, the Boat to Bowl approach minimizes food waste by utilizing 100% of their ocean harvest. 

Fish is also one of the most carbon-efficient proteins on the planet, so when you choose Boat to Bowl, you’re making a difference for both your cat and our planet. 

Benefits of Boat to Bowl “Vitamin Sea” Nutrition 

  • Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which promotes healthy skin & shiny fur, digestion, immune system, heart, and brain function 
  • Packed with lean protein, pre- & probiotics, antioxidants, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent choice for cats dealing with food allergies, intolerances, and/or ingredient sensitivities
  • Free from any other animal proteins, fats, or fillers with no wheat, corn, or soy
  • Proudly made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients 

North Coast Seafoods is proud to partner with Target to bring Boat to Bowl™ Pet Foods to a wider audience of dedicated pet parents.  

Look for Boat to Bowl™ Pet Foods on and in Target stores nationwide starting January 1, 2024.  

For more information, please visit or check them out on social: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Learn More About the MSC

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international nonprofit on a mission to end overfishing and ensure seafood is fished sustainably. When you choose seafood products with the MSC blue fish label, you're helping us protect food security, preserve livelihoods, and support healthy oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Learn More About the MSC