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Explore ocean-themed education resources aligned with the Australian curriculum suitable for Years 5-10, including ocean lesson plans, videos, fact sheets, games, and activities.

Ocean lesson plans for the Australian curriculum

Explore our Australian ocean lesson plans and learning resources including videos, quizzes, and classroom activities. Take your students on a journey and discover what makes a healthy marine ecosystem, what bycatch means, coastal communities, and the effects of and solutions to overfishing.

All resources are aligned to the ACARA Australian Curriculum Version 9 (V9).

Ocean-themed lessons by subject

Topical ocean lesson plans

Find ocean lesson plans and resources for different topics or times of year.
Incredible Sharks!

Incredible Sharks!

In our newest Science lesson plans, students learn about sharks in the marine food chain (3&4) and the adaptations, features and behaviours of sharks (5&6). Students listen to a podcast, play a quiz, read factsheets, and work in groups to learn all about sharks.
World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is celebrated around the world on 8 June each year, to raise awareness about how we can protect our big blue! Saltwater Schools has free curriculum-aligned resources to help you build ocean literacy with students.
National Science Week

National Science Week

Watch our student Q&As with scientists, chefs and fishers to learn about marine innovations and seafood sustainability.
Christmas Resources

Christmas Resources

Explore a series of prawn and lobster-themed resources for primary and secondary students, across subjects at Christmas time!
Activities & Video Clips

Activities & Video Clips

Explore activities developed in conjunction with the Saltwater Schools lesson plans for all ages and subject areas.

MSC Kahoot! quizzes

Unleash the fun in classrooms with our MSC designed Kahoot! quizzes - a game-based learning platform.

Kahoot Quizzes

Kahoot Quizzes

Have fun, take a dive into a topic, or assess learners’ knowledge and understanding with our quizzes for Australian teachers. Designed to support our learning materials or to be used on their own.

Download our classroom poster

Understand the 7 principles of ocean literacy.
Ocean literacy poster Australia
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Ask an Expert

Scientists on-demand

Scientists on-demand

Have you ever wondered about the eating habits of cannibalistic sea slugs? Pondered if flying cod do actually fly? The MSC has ocean experts. Lots of them.

Key ocean-themed calendar dates in 2023 include

  • World Penguin Day: 25 April
  • World Ocean Day: 8 June
  • Shark Awareness Day: 14 July
  • National Science Week: 12-20 August
  • World Fisheries Day: 21 November
  • International Antarctic Day: 1 December

About Saltwater Schools


Saltwater Schools an education initiative of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in Australia. The Saltwater Schools collection of free classroom resources supports marine education and ocean literacy for years 5 to 10.

Ocean lesson plans Australia - Saltwater Schools

With a uniquely Australian feel, the program offers ACARA (v9) curriculum-aligned lesson plans and activities, award-winning videos, quizzes, events, competitions, awards, and school engagement opportunities to meet marine scientists like Dr. Adrian Gutteridge.


Resources are grouped by subject, with additional collections for First Nations Fishing, World Ocean Day and National Science Week. New topics in creation include Sharks, Tuna, Food Labelling, and Career Pathways. Sign up to the Saltwater Schools teacher newsletter (below) to receive these resources, and follow the Saltwater Schools Pinterest to learn about school engagement opportunities!

If you'd like to get in touch to find out more about our education initiative, please email [email protected].

Why teach ocean literacy in Australia

One in eight Australian Year 10 STEM classes is taught by teachers outside their field of expertise (out-of-field), a new analysis of PISA 2015 data by Monash University and The University of Sydney shows.

Meanwhile, the majority (74%) of Australian seafood consumers believe that schools and universities need to do more to educate people about the health of our ocean. That's according to a recent study by independent research consultancy GlobeScan.

The study also shows that the top concerns Australians have about threats to the ocean are pollution such as plastics (61%) and overfishing (51%). More than three-quarters (78%) also believe we need to protect fish populations so our children and grandchildren can enjoy fish in the future.

School competitions

School competitions

Learn about the oceans and win prizes for your school.