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Meet Laura Wells: a marine biologist, model, presenter and MSC Education Ambassador. Learn about what inspires Laura to keep our ocean forever wild.

MSC Education Ambassador

Laura Wells is the MSC's Education Ambassador in Australia. Her role includes promoting the MSC's Saltwater Schools education initiative to reach more students and teachers.

This supports a key objective of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is to boost ocean literacy in the formal education sector. The aim is to create a new generation of ocean leaders by 2030.

Laura Wells supports sustainable fishing

Laura Wells supports the MSC's mission to end overfishing.

Laura Wells recently presented the MSC Sustainable Seafood Awards and shared her experience in Antarctica with science students as part of National Science Week.

Laura Wells presenting the Sustainable Seafood Awards 2020

Laura Wells presenting at National Science Week 2020

Why should we choose sustainable seafood?

Whether you subscribe to team brains or brawn, we asked Laura why it's important to protect our ocean and the seafood we enjoy.

"Wild is in all of us.

It is going off-grid, getting salty, being curious, and being connected no matter where you are. To make those little decisions every single day, to be a better person, to preserve our natural environment, to keep our planet a beautiful place."

“To me, eating seafood and having seafood as part of my life is something that's an ethical and sustainable choice.”

Laura Wells

"It's really important to me that my seafood be wild and fresh and if I can let people know that in the tiniest way possible and help them to understand that then that's my job done.

Keep it wild and sustainable for the future. 

My name's Laura Wells and I'm a biologist, a model and a science communicator. Create a future that you can be proud of. Be the change."

Meet MSC Wild One Laura Wells

Meet MSC Wild One Laura Wells

Laura promoting the MSC blue fish tick at Taronga Zoo

Laura Wells promoting the MSC blue fish tick at Taronga Zoo

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