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Brian Perkins

Regional Director, USA

The UN Fisheries & Agriculture Organization's (FAO) recently released its 'The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2020' (SOFIA) report, which indicates more than a third of fisheries (34.2%) globally are operating at unsustainable levels. Compare that to 10% in 1990, and it’s clear this is a global issue we must quickly address, even as the industry is plagued with the pandemic challenges.

While seafood sales are currently on the rise as Americans stock their pantries and look for protein alternatives due to shortages and concerns over meat processing, this trend is concerning for our fish populations and ocean health. 

The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) regional director for the Americas, Brian Perkins, recently shared a plea with GreenBiz for us to all work together on sustainable solutions that ensure the seafood we enjoy now is around for generations to come. 

Perkins’ guidance was shared as part of MSC’s ‘Little Blue Label, Big Blue Future’ campaign inspiring consumers to make good on their intentions to purchase sustainable seafood by simply looking for the MSC blue fish label on seafood products. 

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