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October is Seafood Month, a time of year to celebrate the bounty of the sea and the many great flavors it provides. However, as an alarming 1/3 of the world’s fisheries are overfished, it's more important now than ever before to look for sustainable seafood options — particularly seafood that features the MSC blue fish label — when you’re shopping.

Each meal you make has the opportunity to make an impact on our world – so why not make it a positive one? With the variety of MSC certified sustainable seafood options available, there is no shortage of recipe inspiration to help you celebrate this season! Whether you’re looking for dishes that are easy to prep, affordable, or healthy, this list of must-try recipes has something for everyone to enjoy.  

GoldSeal-Baked_Salmon_Pockets-11. Baked salmon pockets
(From Gold Seal)

Is there anything better than a mouthful of decadent pastry filled with savory salmon? This recipe calls for Gold Seal’s Wild Pink Salmon which has a delicious, mild flavor and an irresistible texture. Canned salmon is a perfect item to keep on hand for quick meals. Not only is it shelf stable, it's also affordable, healthy, and a quick and easy way to add a healthy protein to your dishes. 

LOBSTER POLENTA_website2. Crispy baked corn polenta with Scout's butter poached lobster
(From Scout)

New product alert! MSC Ambassador Chef Charlotte Langley has launched her own line of craft canned seafood products – complete with three MSC certified options to choose from! For this recipe, use one tin of butter-poached Atlantic Canadian Lobster and fold it into a rich and creamy polenta bake that is perfect on its own or paired with an oaky chardonnay (chef’s orders!). 

Tuna melt waffles
(From Raincoast Global)

Tuna. Melt. Waffles. Is there a need to elaborate on this recipe? A crisp, savory buttermilk waffle is the perfect vessel to load up with wild tuna, sharp white cheddar cheese, and fresh herbs. Make this recipe as a decadent breakfast with a fried egg on top or keep it casual as a midday sandwich.

Halibut Peppers 1 x 1_website4.  Wild Pacific Halibut steaks with roasted red peppers and basil aioli
(From Wild Pacific Halibut)

Buying local when you can is a great way to help the fishing community. In Canada, the Wild Pacific Halibut fishery off the coast of British Columbia is fully committed to ensuring halibut remains a sustainable resource for Canadians to enjoy for generations to come. How do you cook halibut? From seafood chowders, to tacos, and everything in between, there’s really no shortage of recipe inspiration for this fish. Give this Wild Pacific Halibut Steaks with Roasted Peppers and Basil Aioli recipe from Karen Barnaby a try and find other great FINspiration on the Wild Pacific Halibut website. 
Tuscan tuna casserole
(From Oceans Seafood)

This recipe is the definition of comfort food. It’s a fun dish to make at home because it allows you to pull all the leftover vegetables you have on hand, which also helps reduce food waste. Make it with Ocean’s tuna in olive oil for a juicy flavour and top it with breadcrumbs for an added crunch texture. 

6. Crispy potato cakes with cold water herb marinated cold water shrimp
(From Chef Charlotte Langley)

Olivia cold water shrimp is not only certified sustainable, it also comes pre-cooked and peeled – so it’s both ocean friendly and dinner friendly! With this recipe, the delicate sweetness of the shrimp is elevated by bright aromatic herbs and citrus notes, while the crispy potato cake is the perfect vessel for the sweet shrimp and sharp sour cream taste. Learn more ways to cook with cold water shrimp.

7. Tagine with wild cod and chickpeas
(From Chef Charlotte Langley)

Some weeknights just call for a recipe that's designed for easy cooking. This modern take on curry can be made in one pan, making cleanup a breeze. All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store, and you can dial up the spice to be as little or as much as you’d like. This versatile dish from MSC Ambassador Chef Charlotte Langley pairs nicely with a variety of sides like rice, couscous, or wilted greens like kale — take your pick! 

8. 30-minute seafood paella
(From Chef Charlotte Langley)

Swapping prep time for quality time with family and friends is simple with this unfussy recipe. This effortless 30-minute paella is a one-pan wonder that’s hearty, aromatic and best served family style. You can make this dish with the seafood you have on hand but MSC Ambassador Chef Charlotte Langley recommends a combo of white fish, cold water shrimp,and sausage to add a mix of flavours that your family is sure to love. Now that’s a winner for dinner and the ocean too! 

9. English style fish casserole
(From Janes)

This simple fish and pasta bake featuring Janes English Style Fish Fillets is sure to please everyone. Not only is it super easy to make, it allows you to easily customize your veggies and toppings, meaning even the pickiest of eaters can still enjoy this dish. Serving a sustainable seafood meal to your family really can be this simple! Find the full recipe here. 

10. Tomato ricotta tart with roasted cod
(From Chef Charlotte Langley)

If you want to enjoy a restaurant-worthy meal from the comfort of your home, then MSC Ambassador Chef Charlotte Langley has you covered. Date night dinners should be fun, flavourful, and FINtastic. This recipe certainly delivers a playful punch. And not only is it a romantic dinner option, but the ricotta tart is a great side to enjoy at brunch the next day.  

Once you've tried these recipes, post a photo on social media with the hashtag #FeelGoodSeafood and be sure to follow @MSCbluefish for more recipes and sustainable stories!

If you're new to cooking, follow these tips for easy ways to incorporate sustainable seafood into your meals.


Sustainable Seafood Supports Healthy Oceans

Certified sustainable seafood bearing the MSC blue fish label helps to promote healthy oceans. Learn more about #FeelGoodSeafood that's good for you and the ocean too.

Sustainable Seafood Supports Healthy Oceans