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American Tuna, Inc. Awarded Ocean Sustainability Award

group shot, AAFA Ocean Champion Award

With the hand blown glass MSC US Ocean Champion Award in front of the Westport Maritime Museum. From Left: Dan Averill, MSC; Joel Cardoza, American Tuna; Natalie Webster, American Tuna; Angelina Skowronski, MSC; LeeAnn Cardoza, American Tuna; Jackie Marks, MSC.

WESTPORT, WA, August 24, 2022 – The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) awarded American Tuna, Inc. a 2022 MSC US Ocean Champion Award earlier this week for their continued dedication to seafood sustainability and ocean health. American Tuna, Inc. supplies a number of owned and private label brands of one-by-one caught tuna, the majority of which are MSC certified.  Joel Cardoza, LeeAnn Cardoza, Sarah Eames, and Natalie Webster were all present and accepted the award on behalf of American Tuna, Inc. in a small ceremony in Westport, Washington presented by MSC’s Commercial Manager, Angelina Skowronski. 

American Tuna, Inc. is proud to be recognized for exceeding the sustainability criteria set out by the MSC. The company sources tuna exclusively from one-by-one fisheries using traditional fishing methods proven over generations to protect fish stocks and support coastal communities. 

MSC Americas Director, Erika Feller, said “Congratulations to American Tuna on being named a 2022 MSC US Ocean Champion! Ending overfishing is only possible with the hard work of partners like American Tuna. We are delighted to recognize American Tuna’s efforts to fish sustainably, protect ocean health, and make certified sustainable seafood easily available to people everywhere.” 

American Tuna, Inc. strongly promotes one-by-one caught tuna fisheries which supports sustainability of tuna stocks and the livelihoods of fishing communities, creating brands that connect the consumer to the fisheries. American Tuna’s brands feature the fisheries through innovative marketing and packaging, featuring the fishery of origin and in some instances the captain’s signatures & vessel name!  

American Tuna, Inc. exclusively sources from one-by-one fisheries around the world including the Maldives, US, Indonesia, and New Zealand. American Tuna led the way being the first company to supply MSC certified canned tuna into the US in 2007. American Tuna brand products are 100% MSC certified and sourced from the American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA), which was the first tuna fishery in the world to become MSC certified. This brand enables American consumers to support American one-by-one fishing communities.  

American Tuna, Inc. was also the first company to supply MSC labelled cat food into the U.S. under the Deck Hand brand in 2016, a brand exclusive to Whole Foods Markets. American Tuna, Inc. entered the ambient seafood category with one MSC labelled SKU sold to one Whole Foods Market store in 2007 and today supplies 33 MSC certified SKUs into multiple retailers throughout the US. 

The MSC US Ocean Champion Award was established in 2017 to reward fisheries and companies engaged in the MSC program who demonstrate continued leadership on sustainability above and beyond the MSC fisheries or Chain of Custody standards. Awardees are selected based on their demonstrated leadership and the ability to spark positive change within the industry.  

The ocean feeds billions of people and provides 80% of the world’s biodiversity. A report by the UN Food & Agriculture Organization shows that sustainable fisheries are more productive and resilient to change, and the UN Environment Program reports that sustainable fishing protects ocean biodiversity. The leadership of companies like American Tuna, Inc. make sustainable fisheries and supply chains possible, and make certified sustainable seafood products easily accessible for consumers.