Is lobster sustainable?

Sustainable lobster is not yet widely available in Australia and New Zealand. You can find sustainable lobster with the blue fish tick in selected Coles deli counters.

What is a lobster?

Lobsters are large marine crustaceans, highly prized as seafood. Varieties include clawed lobsters, spiny lobsters (which have no claws), and squat lobsters. 

Australia's iconic western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) is part of the spiny lobster family, with long antennae used for navigation, self-defence and communication, and no claws. They are often called 'crayfish' or 'crays' locally in Western Australia, where they're found in temperate, inshore reefs along the coast.

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How do I know if lobster is sustainable?

Lobster carrying the MSC blue fish tick is certified sustainable. MSC labelled lobster comes from a fishery that has been independently assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Companies using the blue fish tick all along the supply chain have been assessed to ensure products can be traced back to an MSC certified fishery.

Where can I buy sustainable lobster?

You can find lobster products with the blue fish tick at selected Coles deli seafood counters in Australia. Consumer demand is important. You can use your voice to ask your local supermarket, fish shop or restaurant to consider stocking lobster with the MSC’s blue fish tick.

Lobster facts

Thanks to the fascinating data discoveries from the western rock lobster tagging program, we know that some female rock lobsters travel an average of 5km a day, or 400km in total over the 3 months between tagging and recapture. More than 210,000 lobsters were tagged as part of the project, which is helping researchers determine movement, growth and mortality, aiding the continued sustainability of lobster stocks.

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Western Australia Rock Lobster Fishery


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