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Canned seafood is having its moment right now! Not only is it shelf stable, it's also a quick and easy way to add protein to your dishes. Chances are, you have a couple of canned seafood options available – it’s a classic pantry staple and is easily found at local grocery stores across North America.

If you’re stuck inside and trying to figure out how to make an inspirational meal with the items you have on hand, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of our top eight canned seafood recipes that you need to try! Just click on each recipe title for the full details.

We know it may not be possible for you right now, but if you can, be sure to look for MSC certified sustainable seafood options. Learn more about the MSC blue fish label.

1. Asian salmon cakes

These fish cakes are packed with protein, healthy fats, and are full of flavor! You can easily enjoy these as a quick snack or make a few for a lunch that’s quite filling.
Recipe by Joyce Leung, the creative food blogger behind Joyce of Cooking.

2. Mason jar salmon salad

mason jar salad

This healthy, well-balanced salmon salad is not only one of the easiest recipes we’ve seen, but it’s also fun to make. Another bonus: the salad dressing is bursting with flavor and only uses simple ingredients that you’re likely to have in your pantry already! Watch the video demonstration from registered dietitian, chef, and author Shahzadi Devje.

3. Spicy Thai tuna meatballs

Swapping seafood into recipes that traditionally call for land-based proteins is a great way to make a choice that’s healthy for you and the ocean too.

Recipe by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea Brown, who is also the blogger behind Balancing Andie.

4.  Grapefruit, arugula, and mackerel salad

Make room for mackerel! This salad is a perfect meal to make when you're trying to stay healthy. You can enjoy the zesty citrus grapefruit and light flavors of mackerel knowing you've made a meal that's packed with omega 3s, vitamin D, and protein.
Recipe by Holistic Nutritionist, Michelle Vysohlid, who is the creative mind behind @Find_Wellness.

5.  Wild tuna fish cakes

Wild tuna fish cakes

A can of sustainable tuna, some eggs, breadcrumbs, and something with strong flavor are the only ingredients you need to make delicious fishcakes. MasterChef Australia winner Elena Duggan uses chives, dill and capers, but you can add bite however you like: leeks, garlic and mixed herbs are good substitutes.

6. Lemony tuna pasta salad

This beautiful, spring-inspired pasta salad is not only light and refreshing, it’s also simple to prepare and packed with nutrients. It ticks all the boxes! Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Michelle Garland boasts that using canned tuna works really well in this recipe but can easily be swapped out for a different canned seafood of your choice. Visit her Instagram.

7. Tuna salad sandwich

If you’re looking for a classic sandwich, we’ve got you covered. This tuna salad sandwich uses pecans and apples to create the perfect blend of salty and sweet. You can make it in a big batch and enjoy leftovers throughout the week!
Recipe by Calla Ramont, the blogger behind CallasCleanEats.

. Tuna noodle caboodle

MSC Ambassador Chef Charlotte Langley has the perfect recipe for using up whatever leftovers you have available. Her advice for getting crafty in the kitchen? Switch out the vegetables you use each time you make this dish to ‘keep it fresh’ while using canned tuna.

Once you've tried these recipes, post a photo on social media with the hashtag #FeelGoodSeafood and be sure to follow @MSCbluefish for more recipes and sustainable stories!