Sustainable Seafood Week Australia

Sustainable Seafood Week Australia is a celebration of the fisheries, retailers, chefs and restaurants in Australia that support our mission to ensure sustainable seafood for future generations.

When is Sustainable Seafood Week?

The next Sustainable Seafood Week Australia is 9-15 March 2020.

You can enjoy sustainable seafood all year round by choosing products with the blue fish tick in all major retailers.

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Sustainable Seafood Week 2019

In March 2019 we teamed up with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) to ask seafood lovers to think about the future of our oceans, lakes and rivers and the seafood it brings us. Together we also raised awareness about how easy it is to choose responsibly farmed seafood with the green ASC label and sustainably caught wild seafood with the blue MSC label.

We also worked to encourage and celebrate sustainable seafood choices from the seafood industry, zoos, aquaria, retailers, chefs and more. Listen to what industry leaders said at our Sustainable Seafood Luncheon.


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From science seminars to consumer catalogues, radio interviews to Instagram influencers, leaders luncheon to parliament drinks, community festivals to cooking demos, we worked with partners to put sustainable fisheries and seafood in the spotlight over the course of the week. Watch our short but sweet highlights video to get a flavour of what to expect next time.

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Sustainable Seafood Week 2019


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