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Super seafood is certified to the world's best seafood standards for people and the planet. Look for the green ASC and blue MSC labels to be sure.

Make a Super Seafood Choice

When you make a Super Seafood choice, you're choosing seafood that comes from an ASC-certified farm or an MSC-certified fishery.

Choose ASC MSC certified seafood

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) share a common heritage and vision that global seafood supplies should be sustainable, responsibly managed, and supported by secure supply chains. The MSC’s focus is sustainable capture of wild seafood and the ASC sets standards for responsible aquaculture.

Healthy, sustainable and affordable seafood for all

Dr Joanna McMillan, a PhD-qualified nutrition scientist and accredited practising dietitian, helps people to follow more sustainable diets while looking after their nutrition at the same time.

According to Dr Joanna McMilan, most seafood hits the mark nutritionally, providing key nutrients, including many that are often low in typical Western diets, such as long-chain omega-3 fats, iodine, selenium, and vitamin D. But when choosing seafood, we also want to make sure we tick the boxes for sustainability.

Two key ways to do that are by looking for the MSC or ASC labels and by ensuring we don’t have any food waste.

Canned and frozen seafood ticks all the boxes

That’s where canned and frozen seafood comes in nicely. Today, seafood is snap-frozen on the day it is caught, locking in nutrients and preserving the quality of the fish. While canning works especially well for molluscs, oily fish, and crab, making it easy to have these foods in your pantry and regularly slot them into your weekly menu. While fresh seafood is wonderful, stocking both your freezer and pantry with frozen and canned seafood awarded the MSC blue fish tick or ASC tick for farmed seafood ensures your choices will nourish you while also looking after our oceans and waterways. 

Which fish is considered a Super Seafood?

The following Super Seafoods are available in the canned and frozen aisles of your local supermarket. Just look for the ASC or MSC labels to be sure you're making the best environmental choice.

Dr Joanna McMillan's top eight Super Seafoods are:

  • Kippers (MSC certified)
  • Mussels (ASC certified)
  • Sardines (MSC certified)
  • Oysters (ASC certified)
  • Banana prawns (MSC certified)
  • Trout (ASC certified)
  • Whiting (MSC certified)
  • Basa (ASC certified)

Browse our easy-to-read report to learn more about why food is the single strongest lever for optimising human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.

Super Seafood Report 2024
Description: The Super Seafood Report provides the Australian public with the knowledge to make affordable, healthy, and sustainable choices when buying seafood.
Language: English
Version: 1.00
Date of issue: 18 March 2024
Download download file PDF - 6 MB

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