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What Does a Big Blue Future Look Like?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has spent the last 20+ years preventing overfishing and safeguarding our ocean for future generations. 

This World Oceans Day, the MSC joins folks across the globe to celebrate our shared ocean for all it provides: a home for 50-80% of the world's biodiversity; half of the oxygen we breathe; food for over three billion people—the list is endless. 

The MSC envisions a Big Blue Future where fish populations and marine ecosystems are healthy and productive; one where fishermen, fishery managers, scientists, and governments all work in harmony to ensure fishing is done responsibly and at rates that can continue indefinitely.  

In this future, grocery shopping no longer means compromising between seafood that's good for you and good for the ocean—between budget-friendly and readily available. 

How We're Bringing a #BigBlueFuture to Life

A Little Blue Label With a Big Impact

The MSC blue fish label is a simple way for consumers to know that the seafood they are purchasing and consuming is sustainable and traceable. The MSC works with several retailers across the US and Canada to get this label in front of seafood lovers, empowering them to make the sustainable choice every time.

A lot goes on behind-the-scenes to bring this vision—and label—to life. 

Internationally-Recognized MSC Sustainability Standards

From regularly updating the MSC Fisheries Standard, to including third-party audits of all Chain of Custody (CoC) certifications through all stages of the supply chain, there are several safeguards in place to guarantee these standards consistently meet industry best practices.

The MSC FIsheries and CoC standards have wide-reaching impacts—from the fishing vessel, to the supermarket aisle, to your favorite fish dish

An Organization of Marine Science and Ocean Experts  

The MSC has a stellar science and research team tasked with addressing complex issues, like seabed habitats, or fisheries with a limited amount of data. The team, made up of researchers, data analysts, and science communicators helps keep the MSC at the foreground of scientific advancement.

This research is the heartbeat that keeps the projects, standards, and mission alive.

A Deep Commitment to Funding Ocean-Friendly Projects 

In addition to working on conducting research internally, the MSC has a Science and Research Fund that provides supporting grants to external research projects that help fisheries meet and maintain sustainability best practices.

This year, grants were awarded to 15 fisheries and research projects working to protect our ocean; the list includes projects addressing challenging topics such as climate change, ghost gear, and reducing interactions with protected species. 

This crucial funding broadens the MSC's ability to help build a better, more sustainable future. 

How Can I Contribute to a Big Blue Future?

A #BigBlueFuture is built with small, everyday actions. The choices you make have a ripple effect. When you choose MSC certified sustainable seafood, you're tossing a pebble into the ocean, creating a ripple that will have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts on the health of our one shared ocean.

Looking for additional ways to build a Big Blue Future? We've compiled a list of collective, everyday actions you can add to your routine to help protect our ocean, as well as a guide to help you start your sustainable seafood journey.

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