Traceable seafood

Traceability is the ability to trace a product directly back to its point of origin. It goes hand-in-hand with sustainability as the best mechanism to prevent fraud and illegal products from entering the supply chain. It helps protect consumers and the efforts of everyone working hard to keep our oceans healthy.

MSC Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard

The MSC program is the only certification program of its kind to offer ocean to plate traceability through supply chain certification. The CoC Standard ensures that MSC certified seafood is kept separate from other seafood, thereby ensuring its certified sustainable origin.

The CoC Standard is based on five core principles.

  1. Purchase from a certified supplier
  2. Certified products are identifiable
  3. Certified products are separated
  4. Certified products are traceable and volumes are recorded
  5. The organization has a management system

More than 38,000 sites around the world, including supermarket chains, fishmongers, hotels, and restaurant chains are part of this global network of traceable supplies.

Certified companies are audited by an independent accreditation body and subject to surveillance audits over the three-year period of a CoC certificate. This strict supply chain certification process helps ensure that MSC certified seafood is always labeled correctly. DNA testing has shown that mislabeling rates for MSC labeled seafood are less than 1%. 

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No to fish fraud: How DNA testing ensures the traceability of MSC labelled seafood


From ocean to plate

How DNA testing helps to ensure traceable, sustainable seafood

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