MSC certified sustainable seafood

Our ocean feeds billions of people and provides 80% of the world’s biodiversity. This summer, we are building a #BigBlueFuture and you can help by committing to making the sustainable choice when shopping for seafood. Switching to MSC certified sustainable seafood will help ensure seafood can be enjoyed now and for generations to come.

The MSC has been on a mission for more than 20 years to end overfishing. Find out what we’re up to, how we can work together to restore our ocean, and meet some of the ocean heroes around the world working to ensure that everyone can enjoy

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Sustainable fishing

What is sustainable fishing?

Within the MSC program, 'sustainable fishing' means leaving enough fish in the ocean to replenish the population; fishing in a way that respects other species and marine habitats; and managing the fishery in a way that can adapt to changing environmental circumstances and ensure people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.

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Q&A with the MSC

Do you have questions about sustainable fishing? We have answers! Check out our new FAQ page to learn more about the MSC, our certifications, sustainable fishing, and more.

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