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October marks the transformation of fall colors, sweater weather, comfort food and easing even more into our post back-to-school routines. It’s also Seafood Month, which means a chance to think a little differently about meals and remind ourselves that fish and seafood can be delicious and healthy protein-rich options. Bonus is that when you choose MSC blue fish certified seafood, your purchase is also good for the ocean too.

As the ambassador chef for the MSC, this month I warmly encourage everyone to have some fun in the kitchen, switch it up a bit with seafood, and especially make that little extra effort to look for and choose products with the MSC blue fish label.

I’m lucky that I get to work with and celebrate wild, sustainable and traceable seafood everyday. Seafood Month is a chance for me to share my love of this incredibly versatile protein and to champion and support fellow ocean stewards and MSC partners: the fisheries, companies, brands and retailers that are dedicated to keeping oceans healthy and seafood sustainable.

Through food, we can all make more sustainable choices that positively affect our oceans and planet. By purchasing seafood with the MSC blue fish label, you can:

  • Trust your seafood is traceable to a wild catch fishery that is independently certified to the most recognized standard for environmentally sustainable fishing
  • Contribute to a collective positive impact and ripple effect that ensures the long-term availability of delicious and wild seafood

This means not only are you feeding yourself and your family well, you are also supporting responsible and well managed fisheries that work to maintain healthy fish stocks and ocean habitats.

So go ahead, enjoy flavorful and protein rich meals while helping to safeguard our oceans! There are so many recipe options to choose from right on the recipes page. If you’re looking for where you can find MSC certified seafood options check out this blog post for Canadian and American partners.

Join the conversation online by following MSC @MSCbluefish and use #FeelGoodSeafood – we’d love to hear about and see your certified sustainable seafood creations!

Knowing that my wild seafood comes from a certified sustainable and traceable source inspires me to enjoy wild seafood while feeling good about my choices. I hope it will do the same for you!



PS: If you're new to cooking seafood, watch my tutorial videos and learn how to oven roast and pan sear fish.

Chef Charlotte Langley

Charlotte Langley hails from PEI where she cultivated a ‘Maritime Chic’ style of cooking and a deep love for the oceans. She aims to nurture and inspire through food with consciously selected ingredients that celebrate season, terroir and the delicate ecosystems that sustain us. Constantly challenging herself and what it means to be a chef, Charlotte founded Scout Canning, North America's most trusted tinned fish company, and through her role as ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) she champions the importance of choosing seafood that is both sustainable and traceable.

Chef Charlotte Langley