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A new take on the classic charcuterie board has been making waves with everyone from novice home chefs to seasoned professionals this past year. Instead of cured meats, culinary experimenters and enthusiastic foodies have been creatively building their boards with fish and seafood in what is cleverly coined a “seacuterie”.

The benefits of swapping in seafood are clear. It’s easy to make, by using canned options it’s affordable, and it’s a healthy alternative to traditional land-based proteins. What’s even better, when you use sustainable seafood options with the MSC blue fish label, you make a choice that’s good for you and the ocean too.

Ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s new and fresh in seafood, MSC Ambassador Chef Charlotte Langley has been creating delectable seacuterie boards and showcasing the variety of tastes and textures the sea has to offer for several years now in an effort to highlight seafood during the holidays.

As a supporter and advocate for healthy oceans, Chef Charlotte shares her favorite certified sustainable and ocean-friendly options that you can easily use when making your very own seacuterie board at home. 

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Follow these 8 tips for building a sustainable seafood smorgasbord:

  1. Start by choosing seafood with the MSC blue fish label – this means it’s certified sustainable, wild and traceable to its source.
  2. Add some decadence by using butter-poached lobster. Serve with whipped cream cheese, shaved fennel and cucumber salad. Or try making a lobster pancake dip (see below). 
  3. For easy options that require little time and effort, use store bought prepared items, like bacon-wrapped scallops and cod fish cakes.
  4. To add a variety of color and give your platter some dimension, stack skinless and boneless mackerel tins beside fresh tomato and ricotta.
  5. Serve a small bowl or mason jar of wild smoked salmon “rillette” (recipe below).
  6. Try sweet and delicate cold-water shrimp, which often comes from local US and Canadian fisheries. Serve them skewered with pearl onions, or use them atop potato cakes (recipe below).
  7. For a delicious dip option, mix yogurt, fresh chopped dill, shallots and a squeeze of lemon juice for some acidity and kick. Serve aside smoked salmon or with your favorite can of tuna.
  8. Elevate your platter by finishing with any of your favorite garnishes and sides: lemon wedges, grated horseradish, sliced cucumbers, fresh bread, and your choice of crackers.

Remember to share your boards with us throughout the holidays by tagging @mscbluefish and #FeelGoodSeafood.

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Try making these 3 recipes for your seacuterie board:

1. Wild Smoked Salmon 'Rillette'

Smoked salmon rillette

2. Green Onion Pancake Dip with Lobster

3. Crispy Potato Cakes with Herb Marinated Cold Water Shrimp

Sustainable Seafood Supports Healthy Oceans

Certified sustainable seafood bearing the MSC blue fish label helps to promote healthy oceans. Learn more about #FeelGoodSeafood that's good for you and the ocean too.

Sustainable Seafood Supports Healthy Oceans