Foodie Guides to Sustainable Seafood

Explore Our Foodie Guides to Sustainable Seafood

We've worked with food writer Nick Wyke to create a series of foodie guides to sustainable seafood options. Learn more about the various subspecies and their flavor profiles, textures, and best preparation methods.

Inspiration for the Holiday Season

Four hands with chopsticks reaching for large plate of salad with salmon dish in front

Festive seafood dishes for the Chinese Lunar New Year

We enlisted the help of MSC staff and experts based in Asia to find out what they like to eat for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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Vertical top view on table with grilled fish and hands with clinking goblets stock photo

Six festive fish dishes from around the world

From five-hour beach stews in South Africa to a canned lobster pasta in Canada, hopefully you'll feel inspired you to pick up some MSC blue labeled fish and cook something special this winter season.

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Scandinavian Christmas table seen from above with salmon and herring dishes

Holiday fish dishes from around the world

The MSC has offices all over the world, and our global staff all weighed in on their favorite holiday dishes. From warmly spiced cured herring in Denmark to a seven-course seafood feast in east-coast America, there's something for everyone.

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Find Your Favorite Fish

Fresh halibut filet, pan seared with lemon butter and artichoke on top, asparagus on the side.

Sustainable Halibut

Have you tried "the prime rib of the sea" yet?

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Sustainable Salmon

Which salmon variety produces the most highly sought after roe?

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Seared Tuna

Sustainable Tuna

Which type of tuna is better for sashimi: Yellowfin or Skipjack?

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Crumbed hake caponata parmigiana dish with lemon slices on side

Sustainable Hake

In the kitchen, hake is often used as a versatile and less expensive alternative to cod. It’s a good first step for those who have never strayed far from salmon, tuna, and white fish staples.

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Become a Grill Master

Close-up of Canadian lobsters grilling on the barbecue

5 of the best shellfish for the grill

Cooking shellfish over hot coals adds a whole new dimension to seafood.

Grill shellfish

5 of the best fish for the grill

Not everyone remembers the first time they ate fish, but most people can recall the first time they had grilled fish.

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Find a new favorite dish in our collection of sustainable seafood recipes from expert chefs.

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cooking tips

Cooking Tips

For cooks of all levels, check out these tips and tricks for the best sustainable seafood dishes.

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sustainable species

Sustainable Species

Find out if your favorite seafood options (and more) are good for you and the ocean too.

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