Meet Wild One Stéphane Pinto

"From the moment we respect the environment in which we are, we have a positive return; and I have it from the ocean because I respect it."

Fisher, Stéphane Pinto, talks about living and growing up in a fishing community and the love and respect he has for the ocean.


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Stéphane Pinto


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Meet more Wild Ones

Meet more Wild Ones

There’s a group of people from around the world with something in common: they love seafood and respect where it comes from. Find out why wild, sustainable seafood matters to them.

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This is wild...

This is wild...

Wild. What a word. What a place. Worth caring for? We think so. But what does it mean to you?

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Real life stories

Real life stories

Read stories about real fisheries and the changes that they have made to become sustainable on their journey to MSC certification.

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