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October is Seafood Month, which is the perfect time to try new foods and recipes. It’s also a great reminder to choose certified sustainable seafood that is good for you and the ocean too. Seafood that carries the MSC blue fish label comes from fish populations with sustainable stocks and fisheries that are minimizing their impact on the surrounding marine environment. By choosing certified sustainable seafood with the MSC blue fish label, you’re supporting the fisheries, communities, and companies that are working hard to ensure we have seafood today, tomorrow, and always. You can find the MSC blue fish label on seafood and seafood products in your local grocery store in the frozen aisle, fresh fish counter, canned fish section, as well as on pet foods and supplements. With a variety of certified sustainable seafood available at every price point, there’s something tasty for everyone to enjoy

To help you explore new recipes during Seafood Month, we’ve collected some of our favorites that are as delicious as they are sustainable!

Fish Sandwich
10. Chef Charlotte’s fish sandwich

This sandwich is a fun, family-friendly lunch or dinner. You can create your own selection of garnishes and side dishes to cater to everyone’s tastes!

shrimp and deviled eggs
9. Classic deviled eggs with cold water shrimp

This recipe is a unique twist on a classic dinner party appetizer. It’s sure to delight your guests!

mason jar salad
Mason jar salmon salad

For busy families on-the-go, this quick and simple meal is ideal for packed lunches.

7.  Warm scallop salad with squash and pomegranate

Craving a wild night in? MSC certified sustainable scallops are great for date night or a special evening. 

take2 salmon pumpkin
Pan fried salmon with pumpkin puree

This is a perfectly cozy and comforting dish for the autumn season.

5. Albacore tuna nachos

When it’s game day in October, everyone loves snack foods. These nachos are sure to please!

4. Smoked salmon crostinis with herbed cream cheese and pickled shallots

Need an appetizer in a pinch? These quick and easy snackable bites are great to bring to a house party or share at home.

Wild Halibut with Squash Pavé, Sage and Brown Butter Hollandaise_sqaure
3. Halibut with squash, sage, and brown butter hollandaise

This recipe is a fall family favorite, perfect for foodies excited to try new cooking methods and ingredients.

2. BBQ halibut tacos with salsa

Rev up Taco Tuesdays and get the family involved in the prep! These fish tacos are fun and delicious.

ASMIRainbowBowlRecipev1 (2)
1. Alaska Pollock Rainbow Bowl with creamy green dressing

After this salad, you’ll never want to go back to plain leafy greens.


Once you've tried these recipes, post a photo on social media with the hashtag #FeelGoodSeafood and be sure to follow @MSCbluefish for more recipes and sustainable stories!