Maintaining our assurance system

We review and update our assurance processes so you can have confidence in our program.

What is our assurance system?

Our assurance system is a series of safeguards that make sure assessments of fisheries and supply chains are fair and accurate.

These safeguards include:

  • Ensuring assessments are conducted by independent auditors who are appropriately qualified
  • Having Assurance Services International (ASI) oversee the activities of certification bodies
  • Ensuring certification bodies follow international Standards so assessments are consistent and impartial
  • Having assessments peer-reviewed by independent scientists.

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Our Assurance Review

We take a proactive approach to ensure we maintain global best practice through regularly reviewing and improving our assurance system. This allows us to increase the system's effectiveness and address stakeholder concerns.

Over time we have added many new safeguards to our program, but there’s always room for improvement, so we are conducting an in-depth review of our assurance system to make it even stronger.

Our latest assurance review started in 2018 and focuses on the priority topics identified by stakeholders, through consultation, and by our own monitoring and evaluation process. 


What we are working on



What is happening during the Assurance Review?

2018The Assurance Review is launched following feedback from stakeholders. We held stakeholder workshops and consulted with the MSC Technical Advisory Board and Stakeholder Advisory Council to gain an insight into the topic areas that should be prioritised in the review.
2019The MSC Board of Trustees approved the focus projects for the Assurance Review. We commissioned research and made improvements to several topics as a result of the review. We also held public stakeholder consultations on options for revising the Fisheries Certification Process.
2020The first changes will be implemented in the new Fisheries Certification Process. Project research will continue with targeted consultation workshops when needed. At the end of 2020 the Assurance Review will end.
2021In 2021 the MSC may continue individual projects that will benefit from further monitoring and research, working closely with stakeholders.

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What is the MSC?

What is the MSC?

The MSC is an international non-profit organisation. We want future generations to be able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever.

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How we meet best practice

How we meet best practice

It’s vital that everyone, from fishers to retailers, scientists to consumers, has confidence in the blue MSC label.

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Is seafood with the MSC label really sustainable?

Is seafood with the MSC label really sustainable?

You can trust that seafood with the blue MSC label was caught by a responsible fishery in a sustainable way.

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