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We have colleagues based in offices around the world to guide you through the process of getting your fishery certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Asia Pacific fisheries contacts

An Yan

Program Director, China

Email An
Andy Yi

Fisheries Manager, South Korea

Email Andy
Anthony Alvin

Fisheries Manager, Indonesia

Email Anthony
Asami Takahashi

Senior Fisheries Officer, Japan

Email Asami
Hirmen Syofyanto

Program Director, Indonesia

Email Hirmen
Matt Watson

Senior Regional Fisheries Program Manager, Asia Pacific

Email Matt

Africa, Middle East and South Asia fisheries contacts

Ranjit Suseelan

Consultant, India

Email Ranjit
Michael Marriott

Program Manager: Africa, Middle East and South Asia

Email Mike
Andrew Gordon

Fisheries Outreach Manager - Southern Africa

+27 21 5510 620
Email Andrew

Americas fisheries contacts

Anthony Mastitski

Dan Averill

Senior Fisheries Manager

+1 206 631 2493
Email Dan
Erin Murray

Fisheries Outreach Manager, Western US

Email Erin
Francisco Vergara

Fishieres Consultant, Mexico​

Email Francisco
Alison Johnson

Fisheries Manager, US Gulf of Mexico

+1 305-393-5599
Email Alison
Marin Hawk

Senior Fisheries Program Manager - Americas

+1 202-793-3285
Email Marin
Rodrigo Polanco

Fisheries Outreach Manager - Central/South America

Email Rodrigo
Stefan Miller


Europe fisheries contacts

Helle Christensen

Fisheries Outreach Manager, Baltic Sea Region & Scandinavia

Email Helle
Karin Luedemann

Senior Fisheries Manager - Baltic Sea & North Sea

Email Karin
Vivien Kudelka

Fisheries and Stakeholder Engagement Manager - Germany

+49 30 609 8552 40
Email Vivien
Anna Debicka

Program Director, Poland

Email Anna
Anisia Shepeleva

Consultant - Russia

+7 917 579 4964
Email Anisia
Gisli Gislason​

Senior Program Manager Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands​

Email Gisli
Lisa Bennett

Senior Fisheries Outreach Officer, UK & Ireland

Email Lisa
Caroline Gamblin

Senior Fisheries Outreach Manager, France

Email Caroline
Marie Lecomte

Fisheries Manager, France

Email Marie
Antigone Foutsi

Consultant, Greece

Email Antigone
David Parreno Duque

Fisheries Manager, Italy

Email David
Rodrigo Sengo

Consultant, Portugal

Email Rodrigo
Alberto Martin

Fisheries Manager - Spain & Portugal

+34 679891852
Email Alberto
Julio Agujetas

Fisheries Manager, Mediterranean Spain

+34 682493791
Email Julio

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