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Demand for traceable, sustainably caught seafood is increasing worldwide. Selling and promoting MSC certified seafood supports fishing communities working hard to fish sustainably and offers assurance to buyers and customers.

The MSC program is the world’s most recognised seafood certification and labelling program. By being part of this program and using the blue MSC label, businesses show their fish and seafood is from a sustainable source.

How assurance works

Every company that takes ownership of MSC certified seafood and sells it as certified, is independently audited and certified against the MSC Chain of Custody Standard. The Standard ensures an unbroken chain where certified seafood is identifiable, segregated and can be traced back to another certified business.

DNA testing

As an additional measure, we regularly work with an independent forensic lab to undertake random DNA testing of MSC certified seafood products. 

DNA testing has shown that mislabelling rates for MSC labelled seafood are less than 1%.

Updates to the Chain of Custody Standard

Updates to the MSC Chain of Custody Standard and associated scheme documents have been published and will come into effect on 30 May 2023. 

This includes editorial updates to the Standard following the introduction of the new Labour Eligibility Requirements document, and revisions to certification requirements to support the upcoming introduction of a digital audit platform.

Find out more about the changes to the Chain of Custody program documents. 

Find out more

Why get your business MSC certified?

Why get your business MSC certified?

MSC certification helps you to meet a growing demand for sustainable seafood, strengthens your reputation and offers new business opportunities.

Supply chain certification guide

Supply chain certification guide

An overview of what to expect from the Chain of Custody certification process.

After certification: Resources

After certification: Resources

When you have Chain of Custody you're part of a global network of independently verified sustainable seafood supplies.