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The Ocean Stewardship Fund offers grants to both MSC certified sustainable fisheries and improving fisheries.

Applications for the Ocean Stewardship Fund 2021 are now closed.

In 2021, 20 projects and fisheries were awarded £650,000. From improving at-sea observer safety to reducing unwanted catch, these projects are working to promote collaboration and innovation in the industry.

Five strands of funding are available under the Ocean Stewardship Fund. 

Infographic with five sub-funds of Ocean Stewardship Fund

Supporting scientific research

Our Science and Research Fund awards grants of up to £50,000 for research projects that help certified fisheries achieve best practice in sustainability and maintain certification. This includes projects aimed at closing conditions of MSC certification.

This year we particularly welcome projects focusing on endangered, threatened and protected species as well as habitat impacts.

Read more information and apply to the Science and Research Fund.


Supporting fisheries making long term commitments to sustainability

Our Recertification Assistance Fund helps MSC certified fisheries with the cost of Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) fees for the second or subsequent recertification audit.

Recertification grants are limited to either 75% of the CAB’s recertification audit costs, or GBP £30,000, whichever is lower.

Read more information and apply to the Recertification Assistance Fund.


Supporting fisheries on the path to sustainability

Our Transition Assistance Fund supports fisheries making progress toward MSC certification. Grants of up to £50,000 are available to any fisheries in the Global South and any small-scale fisheries that are committed to achieving MSC certification and are verified through our In-Transition to MSC (ITM) program.

Read more information and apply to the Transition Assistance Fund.

Supporting postgraduate student research to improve fisheries

The MSC Student Research Grants support postgraduate students who carry out research with fisheries engaged or working toward the MSC standard.

The program provides up to £5,000 per postgraduate student project for travel and other support.

Read more information and apply to the Student Research Grants.

Supporting innovation in the industry

The Innovation Fund supports research that is a strategic priority for the MSC.

This year, the Innovation Fund will not be opening as all priority research is currently being addressed through our other funding strands.

Read more information about the Innovation Fund.

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Recertification Assistance Fund

Recertification Assistance Fund

The Recertification Assistance Fund (RAF) helps certified sustainable fisheries with the cost of Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) audit fees for the second or subsequent recertification audit.

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Science and Research Fund

Science and Research Fund

The Science and Research Fund provides grants of up to £50,000 to support research projects that help fisheries meet and maintain sustainability best practice.

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Transition Assistance Fund

Transition Assistance Fund

The Transition Assistance Fund supports small-scale fisheries and fisheries in the Global South on their pathway to sustainability, and is part of our Ocean Stewardship Fund.

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