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There are various ways you can stay up to date with the MSC and our partners' work. Help keep us wild seafood on the menu, supporting responsible fishers and keeping our oceans full of life.

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Portrait close-up of Bart van Olphen

Ocean Ambassadors

From award-winning chefs to adventurers to photographers, the Ocean Ambassadors are united by a love of the oceans and the seafood they bring us.

Meet the ambassadors
Person's hands stirring a pot of ready-to-serve mussels with a spoon

Sustainable fish recipes

Chefs and seafood lovers from around the world share quick and tasty ways of cooking MSC certified seafood.

Try one out
A wide overhead shot of a sealine and a hoarde of boats and catamarans in the sea.

Ocean lives

The best way to understand the impact of the MSC program is through those involved.

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