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We have commercial outreach colleagues around the world who can help with getting your business certified to sell fish and seafood with the blue MSC label.

Asia Pacific commercial contacts

Li Yang Yang

Senior Commercial Manager, China

+86 10 6588 5650
Email Li Yang Yang
Anita Lee

Senior Commercial Manager, Oceania Outreach, Australia & New Zealand

Email Anita
Mayu Nakayama

Senior Commercial Officer, Japan

+81 3 5623 2845
Email Mayu
Usmawati Anggita Sakti

Commercial and Communications Officer, Indonesia

Email Anggi

Europe commercial contacts

Loren Hiller

Commercial Manager, UK & Ireland

+44 207 246 8916
Email Loren
Seth McCurry

Commercial Manager, UK & Ireland

+ 44 (0) 20 7246 8990
Email Seth
William Morré

Commercial Manager, Benelux

Email william
Achraf Bellouk

Commercial Manager, France

+33 1 81 80 12 72
Email Achraf
Amelie Navarre

Program Director, France

+33 1 81 80 12 70
Email Amelie
Alberto Garazo

Commercial Manager, Spain & Portugal

+34 686 63 79 17
Email Alberto
Louise Valentin

Commercial Manager Sweden

Email Louise
Morten Fristrup

Commercial Manager, Denmark

+45 31 32 64 61
Email Morten
Johanna Vepsä

Marketing and Communications Manager, Finland

+358 50 570 8000
Email Johanna
Ines Biedermann

Commercial Manager, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

+49 30 609 8552 70
Email Ines
Stefanie Siebels

Commercial Manager, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

+49 (0)30 609 8552 20
Email Stefanie
Emefa Attigah

Senior Commercial Manager, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

+49 30 609 8552 50
Email Emefa
Rodrigo Sengo

Consultant, Portugal

Email Rodrigo
Götz Ahrens

Commercial Manager, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

+49 30 609 8552 52
Email Götz
Marta Potocka

Fisheries and Commercial Manager, Poland and Central Europe

Email Marta
Gisli Gilsason

Program Director, North Atlantic

Email Gisli
Johan Frostrup

Commercial and Marketing Manager, Norway

Email Johan

Africa, Middle East and South Asia commercial contacts

Michael Marriott

Senior Program Manager, Africa, Middle East and South Asia

Email Michael

Americas commercial contacts

Stefan Miller

Angelina Skowronski

Market Development Manager, US West

Email Angelina
Ian Stelmack

John Harrison

Ken Cuthbert

Senior Commercial Manager, Canada

+1 416 788 0229
Email Ken
Laura (Johnson) McDearis

Senior Market Manager, US

+1 206 631 2497
Email Laura
Nicole Kunin

Commercial Manager, Eastern US

Email Nicole

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Why get your business MSC certified?

Why get your business MSC certified?

MSC certification helps you to meet a growing demand for sustainable seafood, strengthens your reputation and offers new business opportunities.

Supply chain certification guide

Supply chain certification guide

An overview of what to expect from the MSC Chain of Custody certification process.

After certification: Resources

After certification: Resources

When you have Chain of Custody you're part of a global network of traceable, sustainable seafood supplies.